Municipal Tax Title Recovery

For over a decade, D’Ambrosio Brown LLP has been representing cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in their tax title litigation. 

The firm has brought in millions of dollars for its municipal clients through the recovery of overdue tax debt, obtaining final judgments of foreclosure and conducting tax title auctions to bring properties back on the active tax rolls, and enabling positive re-development. 

We can tailor our participation in the tax title process to fit the needs of each of our clients. The tax taking process begins with a demand letter to the taxpayer, followed by an advertisement, tax taking and finally the filing of a Petition in the Land Court where the final foreclosure proceeding takes place. The firm is capable of stepping into the process at any time and pursuing the case until full payment is collected or a Final Judgment is obtained. 

Unlike other firms, D’Ambrosio Brown LLP uses attorneys, not paralegals, for each step in the process. Drafting demand letters, following up with taxpayers, drafting takings, preparing and filing documents at the Land Court and Registry of Deeds, drafting Petitions, conducting due diligence, filing motions and attending hearings are just some of the duties completed solely by attorneys. Our attorneys have years of experience litigating cases in the Land Court and dealing with complex tax title issues involving bankruptcies, the Department of Revenue, Condominium Associations, and other uncommon issues that can potentially arise in tax title litigation. 

In addition, our attorneys have experience dealing with delicate issues surrounding tax title litigation such as those that arise with the elderly and disabled, and are able to confront and resolve these issues with the sensitivity required.