D’Ambrosio Brown Attorneys Work with Municipalities to Restore Dangerous and Abandoned Properties

Working with numerous municipalities in the Greater Boston Area, including the Cities of Woburn, Revere, Everett, and the Town of Winthrop, D’Ambrosio Brown Attorneys utilized the legal mechanisms provided in M.G.L. c. 111, § 127I, to restore abandoned and dangerous properties, and enforce compliance with the Massachusetts Sanitary Code, at numerous properties, including but not limited to the following:

18-20 Campbell Street, Woburn – After years of the property serving as the locus of criminal activity as well as a blight on the downtown-Woburn neighborhood, the property was fully redeveloped, brought into compliance with the State Sanitary Code, and sold at public auction.

53 Thorndike Street, Revere – Abandoned for many years by its former owners – a broad far-ranging class of more than 40 heirs – to the point where a tree had grown clear through the driveway, and the surrounding lots had become drastically overgrown with shrubbery, D’Ambrosio Brown Attorneys worked with the City of Revere to facilitate a fully gut rehabilitation of the property.

28 Central Avenue, Everett – A victim of the shoddy lending practices of the early 2000’s, this property’s former owners, as well as the mortgagee, left it abandoned, and without the necessary utilities for the provision of heat, hot water, or plumbing. Working with the City of Everett, D’Ambrosio Brown Attorneys facilitated this Property’s revitalization.

48 Beacon Street, Winthrop – Condemned as a result of severe hoarding conditions and failing structural elements, and previously serving as a perpetual blight on the Winthrop Shore, this property was fully restored to its former glory.

398 Shirley Street, Winthrop – Previously abandoned by its former owner and the mortgagee, exhibiting hoarding conditions and severe structural damage, this property was fully rehabilitated.

101 - 103 - 105 Shurtleff Street, Chelsea – Working in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office, D’Ambrosio Brown secures court ruling invoking the “extraordinary circumstances” power for authorization and approval to conduct the Commonwealth’s first ever and one-of-a-kind combined tax title/ receivership auction. The court ruling and auction has transformed an entire city block, taking three fire-ravaged buildings and having them undergo full gut renovations.