D'Ambrosio Brown Attorneys Obtain Order for New Jersey Federal District Court Judge to a Hold an Evidentiary Rule 37 Integrity Hearing

In a complex international business litigation case, the Plaintiff was repeatedly accused of making misrepresentations to the Court and obstructing discovery orders to avoid producing discovery both in the United States and in India.  Having persuaded the Court of the Plaintiff's personal involvement with such obstructive behavior, the Court agreed to hold a Rule 37 Integrity Hearing and to compel the Plaintiff and Attorneys to give testimony before the court and be subject to cross-examination.  This was only the second time the Federal District Court in New Jersey held an Integrity Hearing.   See Nilesh Kedia v. Alan Jamal and Vinit Keshari, U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, Civil Action No. 06-6054